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Create SharePoint List item from PowerApps using Power Automate


Another Query from a Client of mine that wondered how they could create a PowerApps to input Data to SharePoint list but didn't want the users to have any access to that list. So how do we do that?

First off, we need an account to trigger the flow. Preferably a Service account (or use your account)

Secondly A SharePoint list!

So let's get started, I'm guessing you already know the basics of PowerApps:

  1. Create a PowerApps

  2. Image
  3. Image
  4. Image
  5. Image
  6. Image
  7. Image
  8. Image
  9. Image
  10. Image
  11. Image

Remember to add a reset after inputting as well. This is to clear the information for the user. Also, add a notification or screen to inform the user that it has been saved.