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Get Started with Viva Connections


So this is a step to step guide for getting started with Viva Connections


  • Microsoft Teams admin (To add Viva Connection)
  • SharePoint admin
  • SharePoint Home Site
  • Communication Site (Recommend using root site)


  • A custom name for your Intranet
  • Custom icons in PNG, 192X192, and 32x32 in size


I strongly recommend that you redesign your Home site and modernize it if it hasn't been done in a while. Don't be afraid to take help from your communication department, as they are usually the one who owns the landing site.

You can make use of Lookbook to get inspiration


  1. Image
  2. Image
  3. Image
  4. Image
  5. Image
  6. Image
  7. Image
  8. Select the Viva connection App and select Allow.

  9. Image
  10. Image
  11. Image
  12. Press Save

Now all users show have gotten the app pushed out, it can take up to 24h to show up. But usually straight away on Teams on the web.


Common issue:

  • Q: Does the app install?
    • A: Check that there isn't a permission policy in place that prevents the app from showing up, the app needs to be included in the custom permission policy